Collection: FAQs

  • How does the submission process work?

When you pay for the Autograph Submission, you will received an address where to send your item. Send your items along with a copy of the invoice or proof of purchase and a SASE (or return postage/packaging) and the former pro will sign and return it to you.

  • Do I need to send a SASE with my order?


  • I didn't receive an invoice from the site (to print and send) - now what?

Contact us at - it seems like some email services like AOL, Hotmail, etc will block them.

  • Doesn't the Service Fee cover the return?

For Autograph Submissions, the players' receive 100% of the signing fee.

As such, PastPros charges a service fee to cover the costs involved in running the site (e.g. credit card/PayPal, hosting fees, banking fees, postage, etc). It's what keeps the lights on!

  • Should I send my own pen?

The former pros are provided blue Sharpies and blue ballpoint pens. If you need a pen other than that, it's best to send one.

  • I haven't received my item back after 4 weeks - now what?

Contact us at We will do our best to recover your item or reach a satisfactory outcome.

  • Do you offer authentication?

As we are not present for the the Submission signings, we do not offer authentication.

  • Do you guarantee authenticity?

Yes. Anything obtained via PastPros is guaranteed to pass authentication.

  • Can I send you a list of the guys I need?


  • What is the difference between a Private Signing and an Autograph Submission?

Private signings are organized signings where we will either meet the former pro in person or mail them items in bulk. For these, there is a deadline. For Autograph Submissions, you will be mailing them your item directly. They will sign and return on their own. There is no deadline for these.

  • Why can't I find a player that used to be on PastPros?

In some cases, they were removed because we had issues with non-delivery. In other cases, they have opted out for personal reasons.