Dennis Blair PastPros

Dennis Blair

Welcome to Dennis Blair’s PastPros page where you can submit autograph requests or get in touch! Use the contact...

Autograph Submissions – How To

    If you would like to send an item to a PastPro to be signed, follow these steps:
  • - Go to the player's page and add the "Autograph Submission" product to your Cart (use the quantity field for multiple requests)
  • - Proceed through the Checkout page, using the Comments field for any personalization requests
  • - When you've completed the Checkout process, await the email confirmation
  • - Print the email receipt and send it, along with a self-addressed-stamped-envelope to: THE PLAYER'S ADDRESS EMAILED TO YOU WITHIN 24 HOURS OF PURCHASE
  • - You items will be returned within 3-4 weeks
  • For full details on submissions, visit Visit the Autograph Requests Page
La Rue Martin PastPros

La Rue Martin

Welcome to La Rue Martin’s PastPros Page where you can submit autograph requests, buy memorabilia DIRECT from La Rue or...


Jeff Demps

Welcome to Jeff Demps’ PastPros Page where you can order autographs DIRECT from Jeff or get in touch! Use the contact...


Darius Kasparaitis

Welcome to Darius Kasparaitis’s PastPros Page where you can purchase memorabilia DIRECT from Daruis, submit autograph requests or get...

Bruce Grobbelaar PastPros

Bruce Grobbelaar

Welcome to Bruce Grobbelaar’s PastPros Page where you can buy memorabilia direct from Bruce or get in touch! All...

Aislin’s Corner Shop

Aislin Prints

Over the years, Terry Mosher (aka Aislin) has produced thousands of  iconic cartoons for the Montreal Gazette, including many drawings of ...


Friends of PastPros
Ross Grimsley - HOVG

Hall of Very Good

The Hall of Very Good™ was conceived years ago as a way to get people talking about who should...

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